The ENDURO SoftwareTM             powered and engineered by EasyWare
Competition that’s associated with the ENDURO Sports Network utilizes a unique sports management software that is powered and engineered by EasyWare™.          ENDURO Sports Network was in need of an easy to use - fully functional - affordable sports software application that could adapt to the specific needs of all Run ENDURO events and competition. As a result, a unique relationship was established between the founder of EasyWare and the founder of the ENDURO Sports Network - which resulted in a new version of a previously released software application - now marketed through ENDURO USA under the name  -  -  -  The ENDURO Software (TES) - powered and engineered by EasyWare. TES is a software application that's ready for competition, that produces results.   TES works hard for your timed events - right from the start, with simple drag and drop functions so changes can be made during competition with only one click of the mouse - with pop-up windows that give the timing crew simple and timely tips about the next step they're about to perform.  Time with confidence, right from the start.  Whether your events are on the track, on the grass, or on the road -  -  -  -  The ENDURO Software is the right software at the right price.     If you would like to ask specific questions about The ENDURO Software  to find out if The ENDURO Software(TES) is the right software for your sports timing needs, please call Kevin at your convenience:  405-641-6006
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powered and engineered by  EasyWare
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